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Commander’s Select IV

Commander’s Select IV

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Days after 9/11, the USA responded with a daring insertion of small teams of Green Berets mounted on horseback. These brave men are honored today by the American Response Monument at Ground Zero. Nicknamed the Horse Soldiers, these same men make the bottle presented here with the image of this statue. Made in the heart of America with pride and patience, Horse Soldier Bourbon Commander’s Select is a uniquely complex, expression, aged 15 years in new American Oak. Each bottle includes a military serial numbered challenge coin.

Commanders Select was recently awarded a Double Gold in the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Taste & Nose

  • Pecan, Caramel, Black Cherry, Almond, Sweet Corn, Dark Chocolate, Honeycomb.


This edition of Horse Soldier Select is a limited production run of just 1,000 bottles from barrels hand-selected by the Commander of the Horse Soldiers.


  • 50 ABV / 100 Proof


  • Deep Amber


While it can be used in mixing in elegant cocktails, it is meant to be sipped Neat or with Ice. Cocktails – Sazerac, Old Fashioned, and the Manhattan.

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